It is said, falsely, that the devil is a gentleman. What could be said, truthfully, is that the devil knows how to behave himself in polite company, and can even be very interesting and fun to spend some time with.

Spiritual People often confuse being a nice person with being a Lightworker, and, conversely, often confuse being a bit abrasive with being a Darkworker. The two have nothing to do with one another.

Being nice means doing things that are societally acceptable. Some of the “nicest” people I have known have also been responsible for great evil. Keep in mind that my circles have included some top political figures and Fortune 500 CEOs and Board Members. Petty evil is done by petty people. Great evil is done by great people. Real evil is not done by some Bond villain in a laboratory laughing maniacally. It is done by people in very expensive clothes and very clean nails with very good haircuts in well appointed and air conditioned rooms. It is moved, seconded and voted on.

The people who do the worst evil in the world very rarely get their hands dirty. These are people you’d love to have over for dinner. They’d have wonderful stories, bring a very nice bottle of wine and write you a “Thank you” note. The proceeds of their evil will often go to do things like establish homeless shelters, feed the hungry, or help wounded animals. They will be showered with praise as “humanitarians.”

The Sorcerers and Sorceresses I’ve known have been really interesting folks that, unless one is very Spiritually sensitive, anyone would enjoy spending time with. My female blood sibling took the opposite road from the Path of Light and is a powerful Sorceress/Witch. She is also working in a job where she “helps” crime victims (and, at the same time, can freely feed off of the pain and grief of crime victims and the energy which remains around homicides.) Looking at the two of us, an outsider would conclude that she is doing more “humanitarian” work than I am…and they would be right, from the worldly perspective.

Darkworkers often will do things that put them around those in pain or the disadvantaged. They even seem to get energized by “helping” those in trouble. (Which is not to say that every or even many of the people who do this vital work are Darkworkers…that is not what I’m saying…) The fact is that, as they are, on a worldly plane, helping folks, they are often feeding off of the negative energy that exists around tragedy. But they are also hailed as great humnitarians. (And also feed off of the adoration that comes with this.)

Now, those of us who have been around charities and foundations for a long time know that a few of the people who work in these things are nice people — until crossed. Anyone who has worked in a church volunteer setting knows not to cross certain church workers if you like your head in place…it will get bitten off in a heartbeat. And, of course, simply the combination of being a narcissist and also doing humanitarian work does not a Darkworker make. Most of these people are simply narcissistic.

But narcissists can easily turn into Darkworkers if given the opportunity. And, much as I hate to say it, narcissism and doing humanitarian work, even being at the head of humanitarian organizations, often go together. Narcissists find that doing humanitarian work feeds their inflated self-image. (Again, most people who do humanitarian work are not narcissists….just some are.)

We often confuse doing things that are “nice” and “helpful” with a true heart for service. This is, alas, not always true. Unfortunately, some people who are doing humanitarian work are doing so because it makes them feel superior to “those poor people.” Others do it because it gives them public recognition. I’ve known many who have done it for work and business reasons. Helping people is just plain good business, especially if you can get in the press for it. Do you really think that Phillip Morris wants people to stop smoking? Yet they run “stop smoking” programs that are among the most effective in the nation, while, at the same time, advertising their death sticks to gain new customers. Some people do humanitarian work because they truly do have a heart for service, may they be greatly blessed.

By the same token, Lightworkers can be difficult and abrasive. OK, if you want to use me as an example, that’s fine. I’ve, however, known people who are truly loving and saintly people who are not that easy to live with. Can you imagine hanging out with St. Paul? Or Ghandi? Or Martin Luther King? These people were all known to have tempers and be a bit short. And yet, they were clearly Lightworkers and the world would be immensely poorer and darker had they not lived.

Outward behavior, while it gives some clue to the energy and orientation of the person, is truly a poor indicator of the heart of an individual. This is known only over time and experience. In the meantime, many people, me included, can fall for the line of a Darkworker, especially if they put on the “Glamour” well. The Glamour is the ability of a trained Darkworker to appear in any way he or she wishes to others. Those operating in the Glamour often will appear as angels of light.

The issues of which side one serves are much deeper than whether one is operating as a humanitarian or not. They are deeper than whether or not someone is a great dinner guest, a skilled speaker, or a pillar of the community. Remember that Jesus preferred thieves and prostitutes to Pharisees…who were the pillars of the community and highly respected. Jesus himself said that thieves, murderers and prostitutes would get into the Kingdom of Heaven before these pillars of the community. The clergy and the “nice” people were the only people Jesus went after. He ate and drank with those who were considered the outcasts of society.

God does not see as humans see. Those operating at a lower paradigm cannot see reality, either. In their Spiritual childhood, they are often impressed by “nice.” As one’s paradigm shifts, so does one’s evaluation of things. Jesus, the Buddha, Ghandi, and so on, operated at higher paradigms and so made judgments that the people around them thought outrageous. We will, too, as we grow in Spirit.

As time goes on, you, too, will see why Jesus went after Pharisees and left thieves and murderers alone. As C.S. Lewis says, “…it is better to be a prostitute than a Pharisee. It is better still to be neither.” But, of the two, the prostitute or the murderer are often better people than those who are outwardly giving and inwardly nasty and dark.

Love, peace, joy and prosperity.